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Mechanical Keys

How do I request a key?
All key requests must be made through the Card ACCESS and KEY Request Form


Can anyone request keys?
No, only the department’s appropriate administrative official/authorized requestor can request keys.


Who is an Authorized Requestor?
The Administrative official, head of divisional unit, college or department may authorize a delegate with administrative responsibilities and oversight authority e.g. Director, Assistant Director, Administrative Services Officers, and Senior Administrative Associate.


Who are the authorized requestors for my department?
For a list of your department’s authorized requestors, send us an email to access-request@tamucc.edu and we will let you know.


Can I pick up my supervisor's or another person’s key?
No, Security Systems will not release keys to persons other than the employee to whom the keys are issued to.


If I am separating from a department, should I leave my keys for the person who is replacing me?
Keys shall not be transferred from one TAMU-CC employee to another. When a TAMU-CC employee terminates their affiliation with the University, they must return the issued key(s) to the University Police Department’s Security Services office (UPD128) upon terminating their affiliation with TAMU-CC. A key request must be submitted for the new person. Keys may not to be sent through campus mail service.

Important Note: Please coordinate with our office in advance. We may be able to smoothly transfer the key to the new person without a huge delay. With a key request and in person visit, we may be able to correctly transfer the key while maintaining our key records.


What do I do if I lose my key(s)?
The loss or theft of a key must immediately be reported to the TAMU-CC Police Department and to the immediate supervisor or administrative official with responsibility for the department.  You can find all the information on how to replace a lost or stolen key here:  Lost or Stolen Key Information.

A police report will be completed and a police investigation conducted. Based on the results of the investigation, a determination will be made by Security Systems if rekeying of offices is necessary for the security location.

Replacement of lost or stolen keys requires a request using the Card ACCESS and KEY Request Form with the TAMU-CC UPD incident number noted.

Please refer to the Lost or Stolen Key Information sheet on how to pay for the replacement.

If missing key is found, please notify Security Service immediately!


If I lose my key, does my department need to rekey the office?
The TAMU-CC UPD Security Systems Office will work with the departments to assess the risk and determine if it is necessary to re-key the facility to restore its security. Depending on the circumstances, the department may be responsible for the cost of the new cores and keys.


I broke my key, what do I do?
Retain the broken parts of the key.  You will need to turn them in when you pick up your new key.  The replacement of a broken key will be handled like a new key request.  Contact your administrative assistant and let them know the was broken.  A replacement key request will be submitted to UPD.  You will be notified that the replacement key is ready for pick-up.  You will need to bring the broken key with you to turn in before you can sign for the replacement key.


Swipe Access Card

Can anyone request card access?
No, only the department’s appropriate administrative official/authorized requestor can request card access. Security Systems will only process swipe card access requested by the authorized requestors.  The form to request access can be made by using the Card ACCESS and KEY Request Form


What do I do if I lose my card?
Contact Security Systems immediately to deactivate card; a new card may need to be assigned by the University Service’s SandDollar$ Office.


Can I request card access for myself?
No, if you are an authorized requestor for your department, you cannot request access for yourself; however, another authorized requestor from your department can request access for you.


Why was my card access request denied?
Requests may be denied for several reasons: nonexistent room number, incorrect Banner ID number and/or user not in the system. If we deny your request, you will receive an email with why this request was denied.


Can I request a key for a door with card swipe access?
No, keys are not issued to any doors with electronic card reader access control systems for security reasons.


Who do I contact if card access does not work?
Contact Security Systems at 825-3739.


How do I report door access issues after business hours or when campus is closed?
Contact the UPD dispatch at 825-4242.




If you need additional information or have other questions, please contact us.


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