Visitor Parking

All visitors coming onto the campus are directed to park in the Bayside Parking Garage, unless prior arrangements have been made with the University Police Department Parking Division.

Bayside Parking Garage is a pay to park facility.  The length of stay determines the fee. 

GARAGE HIGHT for vehicles:   Ground level 8ft.,  2in.,   All remaining levels  7ft. 2in. 

Enter the garage by pushing the Green button at either entrance lane. This will generate a barcode ticket, and the gate will open allowing entry.  TAKE THE TICKET WITH YOU.  Do NOT park in Reserved Parking spaces which are marked with signs on the ground floor. All other spaces and levels are open for visitor parking. TAKE THE TICKET WITH YOU.

When ready to depart, you can pay at either of the two “PAY ON FOOT STATIONS” located at the Northeast and Southeast corners of the garage on the ground floor, or at the Exit lanes. The pay stations  accept either Cash or Credit Card.  Exit lanes will accept Credit Card payment only. Debit cards and Foreign currency are not accepted.   Maximum Bill accepted for cash payment is $ 20.00. 

To Pay, insert ticket into pay station and it will display the amount due. Insert Credit card or Cash and wait for computer screen to accept transaction. When this is completed the ticket will be ejected back out. Change from Cash transactions will be delivered at bottom of machine cash door.

Take the Ticket and proceed to vehicle. Drive to Exit gate and insert ticket into terminal. The gate will open allowing exit. You have a 15 Minutes grace period to exit garage from time of payment to acknowledgement to exit.  If not completed within this time, you will be charged for one additional hour.

 Any problems incurred push the Information/Help button on station and you will be connected to the Parking office, or Police Dept., outside of normal business hours.

For oversized vehicles or other parking issues, contact the Parking Office at 361 825-7275.   

Garage  Hourly rates start at 1 hour and increase based on any portion thereafter and up:

1 hour $ 1.00
2 hours $ 3.00
3 hours $ 5.00
4 hours $ 6.00
5 hours $ 8.00

Above 5 hours, up to 24 hours

Maximum fee $ 10.00