ParkMobile – Frequently Asked Questions

Free parking on campus 8 P.M. Friday until 8 A.M. Monday

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi has partnered with ParkMobile USA, Inc. to bring an easier way for visitors to park on campus.

Beginning Monday, November 25, the ParkMobile app will launch for visitors to park on campus.

ParkMobile app lets you easily find available parking spaces in real time and pay for parking via the convenience of your mobile phone.

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1.What are the advantages of using ParkMobile?

  • No coins/cash needed.
  • Less chance of parking citations. ParkMobile can send reminders via text message to your cellular phone – just check the box in your profile to receive reminder messages.
  • Pay for parking via a smart phone application.
  • All you need is: cell phone, credit card, and your vehicle license plate number to register. The smartphone application can save vehicle information, credit card numbers, and various parking zone locations.

2. How do I set up my account with ParkMobile?

Visit the ParkMobile website, download the mobile app, or call the toll-free number on the green ParkMobile sign (1-877-727-5953) to register for a ParkMobile account; you will need your vehicle license plate number and a method of payment.

When you park in a space, use the ParkMobile smartphone app to access your account, or call the toll-free number on the sign (1-877-727-5953).

Key in your zone number located on the sign. Note: this number is different for every parking lot. You can add your frequently used zone as “Favorite Zones” in your ParkMobile account.

You can select an option to have ParkMobile send a text message 15 minutes prior to the expiration of your parking transaction.

3. I don't have a smartphone. How can I start a parking transaction?

Call the toll-free number posted on the green ParkMobile sign. The toll-free number for ParkMobile is 1-877-727-5953.

4. How will I know where to park with the ParkMobile app?

Once you launch the app, it will provide all the designated ParkMobile spaces on campus.  Additionally, you can check the Campus Map  for hourly parking locations, and look for the ParkMobile signs.

5. How much will it cost to park on campus?

The hourly fee is set at $3.00 plus an additional transaction fee of .30 cents. 

6. How can I extend my parking time on ParkMobile?

ParkMobile can send reminders via text message to your cellular phone – just check the box in your profile to receive reminder messages. To extend your time, log in and navigate to your active session and click extend parking. Enter the amount of time you want to add to your original session and agree to the parking charges. If you extend your parking time prior to it expiring, you will not incur an additional transaction fee of .30 cents.

7. How much does it cost to receive a reminder text?

There is no additional charge for the service (unless your mobile provider charges for text messages).

8. How do I stop a parking session on ParkMobile?

You cannot stop a session once started. You must select the amount of time you want in advance and pay for that time with your credit card. If you chose more time than you needed, you will not be able to stop the session or get a refund. You are able to extend your parking time – if you see that you need more than the amount you initially paid for – as long as you haven't already chosen the maximum allowed. In order to extend a transaction, it must still be active and not yet expired.

9. What can I do if I don’t agree with the amount that I’ve been charged?

Contact ParkMobile right away. Give them the details and they’ll help you sort it out.

10. How does the parking officer know I've paid by phone?

When you use the mobile app or call to start the parking session, you enter a zone number. ParkMobile’s system recognizes your cell phone number, connects it to your license plate number and activates your parking in that zone. The parking officer verifies your parking session by matching the license plate to the zone number.

11. Do I get a receipt?

You can go online to your ParkMobile personal page anytime to make changes to your account, review parking charges, print parking transactions and receipts, or export data to another format.

12. How do I get a refund?

ParkMobile does not issue refunds for parking transactions nor can the TAMU-CC Parking Division.

13. Will there be ParkMobile spaces available in the Bayside Parking Garage?

Yes, and there will be signage designating the ParkMobile spaces.

14. Will I still be able to utilize my parking permit that I already purchased?

Yes, the permit you purchased, whether general parking or parking garage, will be still be valid for those respective areas but NOT for ParkMobile spaces.

15. How do I arrange parking for a group or campus event?

Contact the TAMU-CC Parking Division at 361-825-PARK or 361-825-7275 for group rates and info.  A new reservation system will be implemented in Spring 2020.

16. Who on campus can help me with ParkMobile questions?

Contact the TAMU-CC Parking Division at 361-825-PARK or 361-825-7275.