Contractors & Vendors

Contractors and Vendors are to come to UPD to obtain a parking permit. 

Please have the following information when coming in for a CV permit. A paper tag will be given and is to be placed on the dashboards of the vehicles that will be parking on campus. 

*A Contractor and Vendors permit does not permit the parking on sidewalks, or grassed areas. You are allowed to park up close to a building for unloading and loading of equipment for up to 30 minutes. If a CV vehicle is found longer than time permitted will result in an issuance of a citation.*



Name of Company/Contractor:

This section is needed so our officers are aware of what companies are parking on campus.

Point of Contact:

This section is needed to know who to make contact in the case a situation occurs

Phone #:

A Valid Phone number is needed in the case contact needs to be made via cell.

Location of Work:

This section is essential in the matter something occurs our officers will know which building to attend to.

Nature of Work:

A small summary of what type of work will be occurring.

Start Date: 

The date the work will begin can be on or after picking up of the CV pass

Time Issued: 

Office use for record of permit issuance

How Many Workers:

This is essential as this informs our officers of how many individuals are with the company.

Number of Vehicles:

This is essential in regard to the issuance of permit. If there is more than 1 vehicle we are to be notified. A brief description of the vehicles may be asked. (Make, Model, Color, License Plate, Any company logos)

Expiration Date: 

The date of when your services will be completed

Expiration Time (If given or known): 

A time you and your co-workers will be leaving on a daily basis. Some passes are only for 1 day for 2 hours. Some passes are utilized and are needed all day (8-5)

Other Information:

Any other type of information that needs to be provided. Needed to park up close to buildings for unloading or loading of equipment.