Faculty and Staff

Full-time Faculty: includes those whose contract has been processed through the Office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and who are assigned a full time faculty position with the University. This shall exclude all individuals employed under graduate study status. Such positions as teaching assistant, graduate assistant, lab instructor, or grader do not qualify for this classification

Payroll deduction:   Complete Motor Vehicle Registration Form. Bring form to UPD for submission to Payroll.

Lump Sum:    Complete Motor Vehicle Registration Form.  Go to Business Office and pay for permit. Bring receipt and completed form to UPD. No epermits will be issued without a receipt.  

Motor Vehicle Registration/Faculty Parking Permit Form: Payroll Form

PART-TIME/Adjunct Employee: Are NOT eligible for payroll deduction. You must go to Business office to pay for permit. Bring receipt and completed Motor Vehicle Registration form to University Police Department for permit issuance.

Adjuncts working less than 50% FTE: Stop by UPD


Parking permits can be purchased through the Parking Portal. Be advised, Up to two vehicles may be assigned to an account, however, only one vehicle can be parked on campus at a time. Please note that Texas license plates do not utilize the letters I and O, therefore, the numerals 1 and 0 should be utilized. Do not include any symbols (-) when entering the plate number.

*Position Reserved Spaces are assigned only to the President, the Vice Presidents, and Academic Deans, and others as determined by the VP for Finance & Administration.*


Schedule of Penalties- This table allows you to view your citation and amount due, if one is to be received.

Violations chart



Loading Zone


Failure to Register Vehicle


Parking in excess of time limit (posted/metered)


Speed in excess of 10 MPH in a Parking Lot 


Transferring citation to another vehicle


Failure to remove citation after changing locations or Failure to display a valid license plate, motor vehicle registration and/or vehicle inspection sticker on a parked vehicle 


Parking/Storing a non-operating vehicle on campus


Reserved Space Without Permit 


Reserved space-Parking outside of area designated for a specific permit


Disregarding a traffic control device 


Parked in a Fire Lane 


Disregarding lawful order of Campus Police Officer


Blocking access to a Handicapped space


Handicapped Zone Without Permit 



If you are to receive a citation you have the right to appeal. Fill out the Parking Appeal form, once the form is submitted members of the Student Judicial Committee will make a decision on your appeal. If your citation is a violation for parking in a fire lane or handicap space the appeal decisions will be determined by the Chief of Police and the Parking Services Specialist.

Citation Appeal Form


While Parked On Campus

  • Faculty, and Staff members may not park in Reserved or Visitor spaces.
  • Faculty and Staff members may not park in Reserved parking lots, unless they carry proper registration within the Parking Division. 
  • Faculty, and Staff members are to ensure their vehicle information is up to date and linked to their permit. You can check all this information at TAMU-CC Parking Portal prior to parking on campus
  • Secure your vehicle at all times