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Bayside Parking Garage Information

The parking garage has 1205 spaces. Of these, Approx. 32 spaces will be reserved and assigned on a 24/7 basis:  24 Handicapped/ADA spaces located are on the ground floor closest to the center of campus. ADA accessible ramps are near each exit. 


Hourly rates for the parking garage:

Up to 1 hour $1.00
2 hours $3.00
3 hours $5.00
4 hours $6.00
5 hours $8.00
Up to 24 hours $10.00


The garage is lighted day and night, and security cameras are located at various locations, and recording at University Police Department. 

An I/HELP button is located at each paystation, entry and exit terminals. Push the button and you will be directly connected to the University Police Department on a 24/7 basis.   

How will I pay for parking by the hour? You will receive a ticket at the entrance gate, and before you return to your car and are ready to leave the garage you will need to have the ticket validated and paid (cash/credit card) for parking at one of the (two) paystations. Exit lanes will only accept Credit/Debit Cards for payment. After payment there is a grace period of 15 minutes to allow you to get from the paystations to your vehicle and exit the garage. There will be two paystations inside the garage on the ground floor adjacent to the Elevators. 

The garage has two elevators, one being located closest to Science and Technology bldg, and the other closest to the O'Connor Bldg. Stairwells are located at each corner of the structure

Motorcycles will not be authorized to park within the garage due to vehicle sensors at gate entrance/exits will not register bikes.

The Garage has has two entry and two exit lanes. lanes. The right lane will be designated for garage permit holders to allow quicker entrance/exit  to the garage. Permit holders decals will be proximity devices and automatically open/close gates  The second lane will be for hourly customers to stop and pick up garage parking ticket, and pay at exit. Both lanes are fully functional for all activities. 

What if I have a group coming to the campus for a special event, seminar or meeting, Where will they be able to park, and what is the cost? Group rates can be arranged with the parking office based on the number of attendees and garage permits required. Payment is either by departmental IDT, or payment made at Business Office, prior to issuance of permits. See below for rates.


FALL 2018-2019 

Academic and Non Academic events

Daily Fee

 Flat Fee         

5 Days (Discounted)

1 - 25 Attendees

3.00 EACH



26 - 50 Attendees




51 - 100 Attendees




101 - 200 Attendees




201 - 300 Attendees




301 - 400 Attendees




Hammerhead Lot/ (308), 250.00 PER DAY------------ 1 Officer assigned for (1) hour.
Sanddollar lot/ (602) 500.00 PER DAY------------------
1 Officer assigned for (1) hour.
CURLEW lot/ (200) 1000.00 PER DAY---------------- 1Officer assigned for (1) hour

Parking on campus surface lots, is free on University recognized holidays, and weekends from Friday 5:30pm through Monday morning 06:00am.  Any additional information contact University Police Department  361  825-PARK (7275).