Crime Victims


What is stalking?

A stalker tries to control his or her victim through behavior or threats intended to intimidate or terrify.  A stalker can be an unknown person, an acquaintance, or a former intimate partner.  A stalker’s state of mind can range from obsessive love to obsessive hatred and should be considered potentially dangerous.

How do I know if I am being stalked?

The stalker may on more than one occasion:

● Follow the victim or the victim’s family or household members;

● Make threatening phone calls or send threatening messages or mail;

● Drive by or park near the victim’s home, place of employment or school;

● Do damage to the victim’s property

 What do I need to do if I am being stalked?

● If you are being stalked on campus notify the University Police Department (825-4444) if you are being stalked off campus notify the appropriate law enforcement agency.

● Keep a diary of each incident.

● Keep all correspondence

● Record telephone conversations.

● Take or obtain a picture of the stalker.

● Tell family and friends you are being stalked.

● Obtain a protective order.