University Police Department

Crime Victims

What happens to victims of crime after they make a police report?

Texas requires all police departments to have a Crime Victims Liaison to assist and work with crime victims. Oftentimes, the victim wants to know what will happen next and the liaison is available to answer those questions.

The goal of the Crime Victims Liaison is to assists victims of crime, protect and advocate the rights of victims, provide necessary information, and prevent further victimization.  The liaison informs victims about police and judicial procedures, campus and community resources, and available programs that will assist victims during the aftermath of a crime.

The liaison also assist crime victims in determining their eligibility for financial assistance.  The Crime Victims' Compensation Fund - paid out of court costs generated by criminal convictions – provides assistance with medical bills, counseling, lost wages, funeral expenses and other crime related expenses without any cost to taxpayers.

Contact Information:

Lt. Melissa Wright

(361) 825-3791