Parking Appeal Procedure

To appeal a citation, one must fill out the Parking Appeal Form  WITHIN (10) CALENDAR DAYS OF THE DATE OF THE CITATION .

If one chooses to appeal in written form, the Parking Appeal Written Form must also be COMPLETED ENTIRELY or the Judicial Board will be unable to review the appeal.  When completing the appeal packet please PRINT NEATLY and LEGIBLY to ensure a faster response from the board.

It is not mandatory for an appellant to appear before the board.  If one chooses to appear before the committee, it is the duty of the person to appear at the scheduled hearing in his/her own behalf.  The hearing will not be rescheduled.  If an applicant or written form is not presented at appointed time of hearing, the appeal will be disapproved and applicant will be responsible for payment of ticket.

The Appeals Committee will only hear cases of parking violations issued by the University Police.  THE COMMITTEE WILL NOT HEAR CASES OF CITATIONS INVOLVING  HANDICAPPED SPACE OR PARKING IN A FIRE ZONE.

The Appeals Committee may request the presence of the issuing officer and his/her supervisor at the hearing to present testimony.  The Appeals Committee may review past records of parking violations and whether a decal was purchased in reaching their decision.  The decision of the Appeals Committee is FINAL.  When a decision has been reached, notification will be sent to the person appealing.

An applicant may postpone payment of the penalty while an appeal is in progress.  However, any failure to pay a parking penalty will result in a “HOLD” being placed on a students grades and records for registration purposes.  Therefore, if either early or regular registration occurs while in the appeals process, the student may pay the penalty in order for the hold to be removed.  If the appeal is supported, a refund will be made to the student.

Holiday Dislaimer
Appeal process at holidays and out of seasons can be slower than normal processing time.

If you have any questions regarding your appeal or this process please feel free to contact :
Chief Justice of the Judicial Board