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Frequently Asked Questions

When and how often does the Islander Shuttle run from Momentum to TAMUCC?

Studentts, faculty, and staff can park at Momentum Campus and catch a free of charge ride on the Islander Shuttle to the main TAMUCC Campus bus stop located on Ocean Drive. Departing Momentum Campus every 10 minutes from 7:30AM-1PM and departing Momentum Campus every 20 minutes from 1PM-7PM. Islander Shuttle runs Monday-Friday when school is in session from August 24th – May 12th during the Fall and Spring semester.

Is there a specific bus number or route designated for the shuttle when leaving campus? 

Bus number 60.

Do I have to pay to ride the shuttle or city bus?

All students, faculty, and staff just have to present their Sanddollar ID card for free transportation.

Where do I park at Momentum to utilize the shuttle?

You park at the Momentum lot which is adjacent to the Rec Sports Fields on Islander Way and catch the bus at the big bus stop at the opposite side of Islander way.

How much does it cost to park at Momentum?

A parking permit for one semester is $12 or $23 for two semesters (Fall & Spring).

Can I use my momentum permit to park on the main campus?

No, the momentum permit is sold at a discounted price and is only authorized for park and ride shuttle services.

Where does the shuttle drop you off on campus?

At the TAMUCC Bus Stop on Ocean Drive in front of the University Service Center building near Corpus Christi Hall.

Is there Wi-Fi at the bus stops and on the shuttle?

Wi-Fi at the bus stop is available but intermittent due to the internet coming from the closest building and not the station itself. Wi-Fi is available on the bus.

Can I use my general or garage permit to park and ride the Momentum Shuttle?

Yes, just make sure your permit is displayed on your review mirror.

What can I do if I miss the last bus back to Momentum at night?

If a student misses the last shuttle pickup at 7:30, they can catch the 63 Bus which picks up at 7:47, 8:47, 9:47, 10:47pm.  

Where can I find more information regarding the Momentum Shuttle?

The university website:

Where can I purchase a parking permit?

You can request a parking permit on S.A.I.L under Parking Administration and then pick up your parking permit at the University Police Department or Sanddollar Office (garage parking permits must be picked up at UPD).

Can I swap to another type of permit?

Yes, until the 12th day of class. After the 12th day you can only swap up a permit to a higher level. After the 12th day of class NO REFUND is authorized unless an official withdrawal has taken place, and then only the remaining semesters on the permit fee will be refunded. The permit must be returned for a refund to be processed.

Can I purchase a second permit?

Yes, the full fee applies.

Do residents have to purchase a parking permit?

Yes, residents residing in the Islander Housing complex on the Main campus who drive and park a vehicle on campus will need a permit for their vehicle. They are encouraged to park in the housing areas and walk to class.

If I am a resident and am having visitors over where can they park?

All residents who have visitors over with their own vehicles must come to the University Police Department to obtain a free parking permit for the weekend. If you have visitors over during the week they must park in the garage.

I am a Contractor/Vendor, where do I get a permit for working on campus?

You must come into the University Police Department and register for a permit. You will be directed as to where you can park in order to complete your services.

I am a disabled veteran; don’t I get a free parking permit?

That depends if you meet the state requirements. You will need to contact the University Police Department for verification and approval.

I don’t come to campus often due to my course schedule, or I am a visitor. Do I still need a permit to park?

Yes, if you are going to park in any parking lot you must have a permit. For short periods of time you can park in the Bayside Garage and pay based on the amount of time you are parked. The fee for hourly rates are on the University Police website, under Bayside Garage.

What can I do to avoid a parking citation if I can’t afford to purchase one?

You can register for a permit and pick it up from the University Police Department or Sanddollar office. Your account will be billed which will give you some time to pay the fee. You don’t have to have the money upfront to obtain a parking permit.

I received a parking citation, what do I do at this point?

If you purchase a permit, the first $25 citation for not having a permit, expired permit, or permit not displayed is dismissed. If you have more than one of these citations the remaining citations can be reduced to $5 each or you can appeal the additional citations. If you lose your appeal you pay the full $25 fine, you cannot decide to take the $5 reduction. If you wish to appeal a citation go to the appeals page on the University Police website and submit the appeal within 10 days of the citation being issued. You should get a decision back in two weeks that was made by the Judicial Committee.

How many parking spaces are on the main campus?   Approximately 6,000.

When is there free parking on campus?

Free parking is authorized each weekend starting on Friday afternoons from 5:30PM-6AM Monday mornings. Parking will be free on university designated holidays and special events designated by the Vice President for Finance and Administration, such as Orientation days.

Why are parking lots or spaces blocked off and no one allowed to park in them somedays?

Designated special events may require a parking lot or spots to be cleared early in the day for a later event. The majority of special events held on campus have parking directed to the garage.

Can I park in the white striped areas at the end of rows?

No, these areas are for access and control for emergency vehicles, such as fire trucks and ambulances.

Can I park in the general parking lots with my garage hangtag?

Only after 7PM each night until 6AM. From 6AM until 7PM daylight hours you must park in the garage. This helps to promote campus safety after hours.

Do you have handicap parking on campus?

Yes, we meet or exceed ADA requirements for handicap parking.

I see people using handicap spaces and they don’t look like they have a disability, why are they allowed to utilize the spaces?

Each person’s disability is different and may not be a physical impairment.

My car won’t start, tire is flat, and or I locked my keys in the vehicle, what do I do?

The University Police Department will perform free jump starts and vehicle unlocks (waiver must be signed). Flat tires cannot be changed by the University Police Department due to liability. We can provide information for towing services. Vehicles may not be repaired on campus unless minor in nature. Dial 825-4242 for additional information. 

I had a minor accident on campus, what do I do?

Check for injuries and render assistance if possible. Contact the University Police Department at (361)825-4444 or call 911. We will dispatch an officer to make a report and render assistance. If you are on a road way and you are capable of moving your vehicle, it is the law to move off to a safe area.